My First Garden


My First Garden is a family gardening program that takes place in Prince of Wales Secondary. Through the program, parents and their children will collaborate with other families, student volunteers, and knowledgeable gardeners to learn and experience working in a local community garden.


Banban Zhao, Cindy Wu and Ying Tang, and Vancouver Community Garden

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PROBLEM + opportunity

Food is an essential need for our survival. However, food systems are changing due to significant challenges such as mainstream practices of urbanization and industrial agriculture. These challenges have disconnected people across generations from local and natural food system. In Vancouver, there are many existing community gardens and experienced seniors with great amount of knowledge about food and gardening.

We are fortunate enough to work with experts and designed a set of co-creational activities where we invited university students and elders to participate. Based on the focus group results, we proposed a family gardening program: My First Garden. The program aims to promote intergenerational knowledge exchange, to foster strong relationships within families and communities, and to share community garden practices and values.


how the program works

Families that are interested in participating the program will collaborate another family to share and take care of their gardening space. The garden will be open for the secondary school’s students to join, academic volunteer credits will be given to student volunteers. Each month, We will provide a series of activities (potlucks, DIY lessons, making organic fertilizers, food preservation workshops etc) for all gardeners (families and volunteers) to interact and participate.


VISUAL Deliverables

As a part of the design strategy, we also designed a set of visual materials for the gardening program.