about face


about face is an exhibition project that challenges prejudice against people with scars through media literacy and stories of seven burn survivors. about face focused on presenting who survivors are, rather than focusing a single label of burn survivor. Through the format of an exhibition and online platform, the project aims to provoke the viewers to explore, to question and to re-evaluate preconceived notions and media representations of people with visible differences.


Cindy Wu, Nico Jan, Jason Huynh, Burn Fund
Special thanks to Whitney, Keith, Julia, Maxine, John, Terry, Patricia for trusting us by sharing their stories and being a part of this project


Nowadays, media has became a powerful tool for people to learn and engage with the outside world. However, people with scars and disfigurements are usually represented as villains and evil characters in films and literatures, and associated with negative impressions by the general public. We were fortunate to get connected with seven burn survivors to participate in our project and agreed to be photographed and share their stories to empower those with physical difference. They are mothers, father, makeup artist, pizza store manage, nurse, painter, and feminist photographer. They are human beings with love, tears, and hearts of gold. About Face was featured at the Show 2017 at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.


Patricia Juillette

“Tenacious, Strong, Alive.
I am not defined by events that have occurred or will occur in my life,
but by who I am despite these things.
I have been tattooed by fire,
it has not scarred my will or my soul.
This is me, these are my scars.
I wear them loud and I wear them proud”